Welcome to the Geddes Talent Agency Blog
Welcome to the Geddes Talent Agency Blog-
2010 is already an exciting year and promises to continue into the fall and beyond!
My hope with this blog is to fill in current and hopeful clients on the happenings in Chicago and within our fabulous Agency.
If you were to research Geddes, you’d find that we’ve been around for 43 years.  Our doors opened in 1967 run by the creative Ann Geddes.  As time went by, the equally inspired Elizabeth Geddes joined her sister’s side and eventually took over the Chicago office as Ann started up the West Hollywood office, thus making Geddes what it is today.  Through the years, Geddes has represented some now famous faces before they were household names –such as: John and Joan Cusack, Jeremy Piven, William Peterson, Jane Lynch and the list goes on and on.  Today we continue to represent fabulous talent in New York, Chicago, and LA in Theatre, Television, Film, Commercial, Print and Voice-Over work.
What’s there to be excited about in Chicago this summer, you ask? Well let me tell you!
First off CHICAGO IS GETTING A TELEVISION SERIES!!! This fall on Fox, a new Chicago drama entitled RIDE ALONG written by Shawn Ryan (of THE UNIT) fame will be casting locals and filming on our streets. Casting will likely start Mid-July with production starting a few weeks later.  If you haven’t seen the teaser for it yet, you can find it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eF3GRPPAXE … Geddes’s own Patrick Andrews is featured and we can’t wait to book more talent on this project.  Other projects around town include Ron Howard’s CHEATERS starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James.  Chelcie Ross was on set recently and said that it was a great experience and Vince was anxious to introduce his old friend to everyone on set.
Geddes Trivia for you:  What film did Vince Vaughn and Chelcie Ross work together on before CHEATERS?
                        Answer? RUDY!  Look it up, you’ll love it.
Coming soon to Chicago:  Transfers 3 as well as a new Matt Damon/ Jude Law flick this fall.
Stay tuned as this blog will be updated soon! Thanks so much for visiting our new site; I can’t wait to share more with all of you soon.
Until next time!